Our founders

Anouk and Onno share a broad experience in all aspects of Business Development for (inter)national BtoB companies in different growth stages and across sectors (e.g. finance, logistics, services and IT), geographies and cultures.

The majority of companies they assisted are Technology Companies constantly seeking ways to help their clients cleverly adopt and implement technology; such as CRM, Online & Customer Experience Portals, ERP, Analytics and Collaboration.   

Operating in rapidly changing markets with more demanding customers and investors, they understand the different challenges and dynamics of Business Development and can help you become the Thought Leader your clients are looking for.

Our Contributors

Over the years we’ve built a network of highly skilled Sales & Marketing professionals with specific domain expertise (Web Design, SEO, CRM implementations, Training, etc) that we bring together in the Business Development Club.

They are engaged on a ‘best fit for purpose basis’. Other than their unique talent they share our vision and methodology and are fun to work with!

How it started

What started as a network introduction through a mutual friend 20 years ago turned into a long term friendship based on a shared passion for music, a good glass and the occasional cigar.

Over the years we’ve always found a way to combine business with pleasure. Using each other as professional sounding board and sharing views on why companies lack commercial success. This matured into a drive to more actively share our ‘work floor’ experience and vast network of Sales & Marketing Professionals; leading to the birth of the Business Development Club.

Now you know our motivation we are eager to hear all about yours ...